Frågor & svar

Does TrailerValet™ have a motor?  

No, it’s powered by hand. The high gear ratio makes it easy!

What is the maximum trailer weight that it can operate?

Your trailer must not weigh more than 2250 kg.

Does the product come with an integrated lock?

No, you use your normal trailer lock.

Can I use the hitch on several trailers?

Yes, it fits most models of boat/car/flatbed trailers as well as horseboxes.

What happens if I lose control of the trailer?

The product has an integrated brake system that is activated as soon as you let go of the handle.

Does it also work on an incline?

Yes, it works well on inclines of up to 32 degrees.

User manual

Here you can see the English manual; the Swedish one will be available shortly.

Trailer Valet Manual

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