About the product

TrailerValet™ is a patented product from the USA that you fit to an existing trailer or caravan, regardless of whether the trailer/caravan is new or already used. You can easily fit it yourself with the aid of the instructions that come supplied with the product. You can also easily transfer the product to a different trailer when needed. TrailerValet™ contains everything in a single all-in-one design: hand crank with gears to move the trailer around easily and without effort; a steering handle for easy manoeuvring which also applies the brake when not in use; a crank for raising/lowering the trailer drawbar and for lifting the wheel out of the way when the trailer is being towed.

Installation is easy with the mounting kit supplied, and TrailerValet™ can be swapped between different trailers.

The product is perfect if you have to reverse a trailer with your car in tight spaces or you do not have the physical strength to handle the weight of the trailer.